What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

The job of search engines is to return its customers with the most relevant and helpful results when a specific term or word is searched for.

To do this, each search engine has its own way which uses an algorithm to give customers what they believe are the best search results to a query. SEO refers to the process of giving good visibility of  web pages in organic search engine results for chosen search.  The method used in the SEO process is based on knowledge of the algorithms and how to best influence them correctly by providing good quality content.

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Better Still , How do you improve your website’s ranking?

Search Engine coders try to provide the most relevant and query-satisfying results they can supply to any given search phrase. If they are consistent, more customers will want to keep using their search engine, and more users  more revenue. Millions of euro are invested into making the ranking algorithms more tailored towards users. With the constant research and updates and changes to the search algorithm given to each individual piece of imformation that determines overall rankings.


A number of ranking factors CONSIDERED

1. Content on a web page must be relevant  to a Google search. That means that the text on a page must  satisfy a given query or very closely . It is not good enough that a website simply repeats keywords or “stuffs” the same keyword into a page as much as possible.

Not only does keywords need to appear on a webpage, but it must be repeated consistently throughout a well SEO Website and be surrounded by similar keywords naturally. Today’s Google Search Engines can detect and penalise  uses of incorrect language thanks to the sheer amount of data they have access to.

2. Other related websites should link to the content on a web page for a given search. Its like vote of confidence, each link back from a related website to a web page tells search engines that there is good content on that web page and must be related and therefore should rank for a particular phrase.

3. To successfully determine the value of each link to a website page and what effect it will have on ranking, the two ranking factors will be the relevance and authority of the linking website.

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4) Relevance

Its determined by how much the website that is linking to a website page is related to the content, while authority is based on a number of factors like the number of links the linking website has to it or how old the website name is ( Domain ), and the number of domain name  urls of the website has.

5) Authority of the SEO Website

Its based on a number of things. Obviously, the Google Search Engines don’t look at all links equally. Google,  gives a large amount of weight to governmental sites (.gov) or  educational sites (.edu) and to major media sites (a link from TheIrishtimes. e.g., carries significant weight).

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